Thursday, 29 January 2009

Book Review: Doctor in the House by Richard Gordon

An eternal fan of British Sitcom I’ve found myself over the past year retreading the steps of an old TV classic from the 1970s. The Doctor… series was one of ITV’s finer sitcoms following the escapades of student doctors, then qualified doctors in and around St Swithins hospital in London.

The TV series, inspired by Dr. Richard Gordon’s stories was the last in a line of film, stage and radio adaptations from Dr. Gordon’s books, the first in the series being Doctor in the House.

This is where it all began! Stories of student Doctors at St Swithins hospital are just as hilarious on the printed page as they are on the TV screen.

Doctor in the House never ceases to tickle the funny bone with well crafted characters from the mischievous student Doctor, Benskin, to the idle Grimsdyke and the larger than life surgeon Sir Lancelot Spratt, all featuring in credible yet believable scenarios.

In the centre of all this is student Doctor, Richard Gordon (the inspiration for later adaptations in Simon Sparrow, Michael Upton and Duncan Waring) recounting the scenarios from a personal angle.

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