Saturday, 10 January 2009

Book Review: Not Quite World’s End - A Traveller’s Tale by John Simpson

John Simpson has been travelling the world as a journalist for over forty years and has experienced first hand many news breaking situations including war, disease, terrorism, natural disasters and crime.

Where many of these stories daunt most of us John delivers quite a positive message in Not Quite World's End, and takes the surprising view that despite whatever happens, its not the end of the world.
His vivid prose, clear-sightedness and wonderful anecdotes about the many people and places he has encountered- from emperors to movie stars, from Chelsea to China - all add up to an inspiring and entertaining read.

When we are at the point of looking back over the previous year's news events and looking to the future, Not Quite Worlds End should surely be a positive note to begin 2009 with and certainly offers us reassurance in seemingly desperate times.

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