Thursday, 26 February 2009

Book Review: Doctor at Sea By Richard Gordon

Newly qualified Doctor, Richard Gordon goes to sea and finds that a marine life for a Doctor can be just as hectic as one on dry land.

The change of scenario makes great reading and keeps the pace up in this hilarious sequel to Doctor in the House.

Away from the familiar surroundings of St Swithins hospital, the young Doctor decides to sign up for a few months as Doctor on a cargo ship - the Lotus - in order to get a greater experience of life and to forget a doomed relationship. It seems for a few months the world also forgets the young doctor too (except the local laundry who enter into a one sided correspondence with him regarding his outstanding account).

But Dr Gordon has a crew to deal with, including sailors such as Hornbeam and Trail who can be likened to rogues and a spiv of a nurse in the form of Easter who deals in Black Market antibiotics. To top it all off theres the larger than life Captain Hogg, who's sanity is called further into question as the story progresses.

With the lack of female company aboard the Lotus, there is a hilarious interlude as the ship opens its doors for its traders in the form of a New Years party in Buenos Aires, again told with wonderful comic timing.

Doctor at Sea is a smooth read with plenty of belly laughs.

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