Monday, 21 September 2009

Doctor In the House - Keep it Clean!

Briddock, Evans, Collier, Upton and Waring are preparing ideas for the St. Swithin's Summer Ward show, though as many that have apparently gone before all the ideas are risque or bawdy!

However; when the Student entertainment committee secretary in the shape of Dick Stuart-Clark shows up with The Dean, plans for the show are turned on their head.

The Dean insists that the show should be wholesome with nothing improper, including no strippers or men dressing up as women! He also suggests that as Michael Upton has theatrical connections (his brother is a dancer) that he should put the show together.

Upton immediately faces a walkout of everyone on the team except Duncan Waring who pledges his support and very limited theatrical experience.

Michael sends for his brother, Terry to help put the show together. Terry's ideas are far more grander than the Christian Union's attempts of "We Three Kings" (despite it not been Christmas) or the nurses poor attempt at ballet.

Duncan realises that the show is going nowhere fast, so as Terry disembarks, Briddock, Evans and Collier are reinstated and so for that matter is a drag act!
  • Garden and Oddie turn around another fun episode of Doctor In The House which again is visually funny. This episode leans strongly on the Christmas Show chapter from Richard Gordon's original book, and you can almost sense that had this episode not been scheduled for September could very well have made a good Christmas episode! 
  • Classic comedy moment here has to go to Briddock (Simon Cuff), Evans (Martin Shaw) and Collier's (George Layton) tribute to the Beverley Sisters, a scene which raises a laugh and that the actors seem to clearly enjoy performing! 
  • Adam Verney returns as Kenneth, The Christian Union Man (last seen briefly in "Settling In"), while Mike Grady puts in yet another appearance in a supporting role!
  • Barry Justice also guest stars as Mike's camp director brother, Terry. Terry is briefly mentioned during Mike's interview in "Why Do You Want To Be a Doctor?", so it's a nice piece of continuity having the character make an appearance here.  Barry Justice was a popular young actor of the time, his previous appearances included King Charles IX in the 1966 Doctor Who adventure "The Massacre" (1966) and James Steerforth in "David Copperfield" (1966). Later Television would include The Pallisers (1974) as Hugo Fitzgerald and The Professionals episode "The Female Factor" (1978) before a tragically early death prior to his 40th birthday in 1980.

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