Friday, 18 September 2009

Doctor in Penguins

As I've been reading Richard Gordon's excellent Doctor In the House series this year I've been surprised by how many times the original books have been re-issued.

Since Doctor in the House was published by Michael Joseph in 1952 there have been numerous versions published in hardback, omnibus editions and several paperback versions including Penguins.

The Penguin Doctor...series was originally launched in the early 1960s and was re-released with cartoon covers in 1968, however as the 1970s dawned and Doctor in the House was a success on television, the books were re-covered once again to tie in with the TV series success.

Initially, several titles were reissued in 1971 featuring Barry Evans as Michael Upton on the covers, although all these titles were straight reissues of Richard Gordon's original books, both the London Weekend TV Series and Barry Evans received credits on the covers.

In 1974, a few years after Barry had left the television series, the books got another recovering, this time with Robin Nedwell staring out from at least 6 of the titles on attractive covers designed by artist Ivan Holmes.

Pretty much all of Richard Gordon's books were republished at this time, though Robin Nedwell's image was not used on all of them and so models were brought in to act as doctors on other variations of the book covers.

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