Friday, 9 October 2009

Audio Book Review: Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death by David Whittaker (Classic TV Soundtrack)

Caroline John narrates the original Television soundtrack of this Doctor Who adventure featuring Jon Pertwee in the role of TV's most famous time traveller.

Several months after leaving the red planet, the Mars Probe 7 space capsule still hasn't returned to Earth. The Doctor and his assistant Liz Shaw join the investigation as a second capsule, Recovery 7, is sent to discover what has happened.

However; when the capsule returns, something has gone terribly wrong with the three astronauts that occupy it. The space-suited figures are kidnapped and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart leads UNIT in a rescue attempt - whilst Liz finds herself captive by dangerous fanatics. Only a solo space flight by the Doctor can break the deadlock surrounding the crew of Mars Probe 7.

The Ambassadors of Death was originally broadcast in 1970, at a time when the world was fascinated with the space race and its own journeys to the moon and beyond. Curiously the original broadcast of this adventure coincided with America's own ill fated Apollo 13 mission, so the storyline involving Astronauts stranded in outer space had a touch more poignancy than writer David Whittaker could ever have imagined.

Originally the Doctor's assistant in this story, Caroline John (Liz Shaw) has been drafted back in to provide dramatic narration for this gripping tale keeping it fast paced and exciting to listen to. As a bonus there is also an interview with the actress giving an insight into how the story was made at the discs climax.

Nearly 40 years on from its original broadcast, The Ambassadors of Death has become a classic sci-fi tale and certainly worth a listen for any fan of the genre.

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