Friday, 9 October 2009

Doctor In The Groove - Bond Street Parade

The theme tune to Doctor In The House was written by composer and arranger Alan Tew in 1969. Given the title Bond Street Parade the theme would shift through various arrangements throughout all the Doctor... series (with diverse arrangements from the original during Doctor at Sea and much later Doctor at the Top).

Tew started out as the pianist and arranger for the Len Turner Band based in London, in the 1950s. He has also led his own orchestra, and with full orchestra at his disposal, shows a gift for judicious use of instrumentation.

Other compositions from Tew included the theme from Mother Makes Three. A track entitled "The Big One", which was used in an episode of the British detective show Van der Valk. Music for the series, The Hanged Man, some of which has been used as incidental music for The Two Ronnies, The Sweeney and would eventually become the intro music for the American TV show, The People's Court.

The Doctor In The House theme tune has received several releases on TV Theme compilation albums over the years. One of it's earliest releases (titled : Doctor At Large) credited to the eponymous titled Pandora Orchestra on Regal Starline's Top T.V. Themes album (SRS5143) in 1972. This version is very close to the TV original, as are all tracks on the album to their counterpart series making this album well worth tracking down.

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