Saturday, 28 November 2009

Audiobook Review: Doctor Who And The Planet of Spiders by Terrance Dicks (BBC Audio Books)

For many years, before the advent of Video, DVD, or even Iplayer the only way fans could revisit their favourite Doctor Who adventures was to buy the Target book novelisations of them.

I was one of those fans, in the 1970s, eagerly saving up my pocket money for the latest releases or indeed swapping items for my friends copies of older books in the school playground.

But as Doctor Who began to be released on video towards the fall of the 1980s, my multitude of novelisations got tidily put away in a box, and became a product of a bygone era!

How nice then, to see, over two decades after I tidied my own collection away, these long out of print books have now gained a new life of their own, via the BBC audiobooks range.

Elisabeth Sladen who portrayed Sarah Jane Smith in the original TV serial recounts Doctor Who and The Planet Of The Spiders - a tale of alien giant spiders that are able to bend the minds of their subjects. The Spiders have the Doctor in their sights after he apparently steals a Blue Crystal from them when The TARDIS makes a detour to Metebellis 3 (in the constellation of Kasterberous, you know!). However, the outcome of the adventure has serious implications for The Doctor himself...

The spirit of both the Television story and the original Target novelisation are captured on this brilliant 4 disc unabridged set, supplemented with the original book cover artwork and dramatic reading from Elisabeth Sladen.

As I heard the opening chapters of the book my own personal memories of reading it came flooding back, who says time travel is restricted to the TARDIS?

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