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Those Radio Times! (BBC Radio and TV for 12 November 1969)

For Schools and Colleges on 12 November 1969 began on BBC1 earlier than usual at 9.15am, with a repeat of Monday's Engineering: Craft and Science.

Other schools programmes presented today included at 9.38am, Science All Around: Rubber introduced by Fergus O Kelly, 10.0am History 1917-1967, Khruschev and the thaw and 10.25-10.45am Gwlad a Thref: a series for Welsh schools (Sutton Coldfield, Holme Moss, Wenvoe west transmitters). Robin Ray also looked at The age of steam in British Social History : The Palace of Glass at 11.35am.

Lunchtime on BBC1 Featured The Herbs

At 12.25pm Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye: Make Yourself at home offered advice on health and welfare; lesson 50 of look, Listen and Speak (teacher Robert Chapman assisted by Sheila Dillon-Guy); and Asian music.

Following a five minute interval at 12.50pn there was a visit to Llanstephan in Bie Carech Chi Fynd? (shown on Crystal Palace, Wenvoe West, Holme Moss and Sutton Coldfield transmitters).

After a further interval at 1.25pm today's offering of Watch with Mother was The Herbs.

Children's Television Included The Singing, Ringing Tree

Further along in the afternoon Children's television offered us Play School at 4.20pm and Jackanory at 4.40pm with Michael Bryant telling part 3 of Far Out the Long Canal by Meindert Dejong.

Part 2 of The Singing, Ringing Tree told by Tony Bilbow delighted younger viewers at 4.55pm in which The Princess is carried off by the bear and learns why all the animals will not approach her.

There was Animal action in Wild World at 5.15pm with Tony Soper and Jill Dawe and then a visit to Hectors House with Hector The Dog, Zaza the Cat and Mrs Kiki Frog at 5.44pm.

The Laugh Parade Featured Merton Of The Movies

The National News and Weather at 5.50pm was followed by regional news programmes at 6.0pm. If you lived in the North of England you got Look North, presented by Stuart Hall (if you lived in an area served by Leeds or Manchester) or Mike Neville (if you lived in an area served by Newcastle). the local weather followed then a fourth Nationwide with Michael Barratt in London.

At 6.45pm, it was the penultimate episode of the drama series (today you'd call it a soap!) The Newcomers in which Gordon (Colin Stepney) was extricated from an alarming situation!

At 7.10pm, there was a cartoon treat with a Tom and Jerry double bill including Dr Jekyll and Mr Mouse and Jerry and the Goldfish (no worries of violence on TV here!).

At 7.10pm it was vintage film fun when The Laugh Parade season revisited Merton of the Movies starring Red Skelton , Virginia O'Brien and Gloria Grahame.

Man Alive Looked At The Vietnam War on BBC2

Over on colourful BBC2 at 8.0pm, Man Alive looked at the American casualties of the Vietnam war in Sanctuary.

At 9.0pm The Conservative and Unionist party delivered a Party Political Broadcast on BBC1 and BBC2 imaginatively entitled What are you going to do about all these strikes?.

Malcolm McDowell Was The New Steve McQueen

The Wednesday Play on BBC1 at 9.10pm starred what that weeks Radio Times had dubbed the new Steve McQueen, Malcolm McDowell. McDowell starred in Happy by Alan Gosling, along with Richard Vernon, Brenda Bruce and Leslie Sands.

McDowell, recently got his big break in Lindsay Anderson's If... discussed working on television opposed to films. '...I never liked TV too much. We'd get three weeks for rehearsal and then the taping. In films it's more leisurely, though you have to concentrate for a longer period of time...'

Vera Lynn Hosted Show Of The Week On BBC2

Over on BBC2, former forces sweetheart, Vera Lynn presented the first in a new series of Show of the Week with her musical guests Domenico Modugo, Roy Budd, The Tremeloes and The Douglas Squires Dance Group.

Vera told the Radio Times this was her first series for ten years. 'All the same I wouldn't like to be starting off in the business now. There's so much competition. It must be very hard to be a young girl."

Indeed, 40 years after giving this interview, Dame Vera, as she is now known still managed to top the album charts when a collection of her wartime songs were released the same week as all the original Beatles remastered albums were reissued, just goes to show you can't keep a good artist down!

Nicholas Parsons Found Out If Fanny Knew Her Onions

Staying with BBC2, at 9.55pm there was an invitation to step into the humorous and imaginative world of James Thurber in a new series of My world... and Welcome to it. This week John Monroe (William Windom) recreated a slice of American history for his daughter's homework and started a most uncivil war!.

At 10.20pm, Nicholas Parsons hosted Know Your Onions, a kind of game show about food and wine, featuring Moira Lister and Fanny Cradock!

Back on BBC1, the night drew to a close with David Dimbleby looking at another 24 Hours at 10.30pm followed by recorded highlights of that afternoon's match played at Rodney Parade, Newport on the occasion of the first visit of the Springboks to Wales in Springboks in Wales with commentary by Cliff Morgan. News headlines and weather drew BBC1 to a Closedown just after 11.35pm

BBC Radio Highlights Included Vince Hill and The Harold Pinter Festival

Radio highlights on BBC Radios 1 & 2 for November 12 1969 included Vince Hill Sings at 7.45pm. Then at 8.15pm there was Midweek Theatre: My Favourite Broad starring June Whitfield and Frederick Treves and then John Benson fronted Late Night Extra at 10pm with guest Wilf Todd and his Music and Barry Forgie and His Band. After the Midnight Newsroom at 12.5am, Jon Curle took you right up to 2.0am with Night Ride featuring tonight's guest Cliff Aungier.

The Third Programme featured a production of Guardian Angel - Andel Strazny by Vaclev Havel at 8.15pm starring Maurice Denham and John Gabriel. (The Radio Times dutifully informed us this would be repeated on 11 December!- now that's service for you!).

Finally on Radio 4, The Harold Pinter Festival at 3.0pm featured a repeat from 1966 of Night School featuring Prunella Scales and John Hollis. Eric Robinson played Records for You at 7.0pm. While The Interval at approximately 8.55pm included a look at Hairiness and Godliness by Margaret Aston.

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