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Those Radio Times! (BBC Radio and TV for 9 November 1969)

Sunday 9 November 1969 was Remembrance Sunday, so not surprisingly the BBC had fitting programming for the agenda of the day.

Announcer Tom Fleming described the Service of Remembrance from the Cenotaph on BBC1 between 10.35 and 11.30, while the films selected for today on BBC1 were Nurse Edith Cavell starring Anna Neagle at 3.5 pm and The Password Is Courage starring Dirk Bogarde at 8.15pm.

Other BBC1 highlights today included Ten Classic Dishes at 2.0 in which Fanny Craddock made Tournedos in Madeira Sauce, Robin Day asking the questions in Day Time at 2.30pm Clive Swift in the Sunday afternoon serial Dombey and Son at 5.30pm , Ken Dodd with The Diddymen at 5.55pm and Bill Fraser as William Guppy in Detective at 7.25pm.

Richard Baker read the news at 10.5pm and Omnibus featured a documentary on Sviatoslav Richter the great Russian pianist at 10.40. Closedown followed the weather just after 11.25pm.

BBC2's Sunday didn't begin until 7pm when Kenneth Kendall presented the best of the weeks newsfilm in News Review. The World About Us followed at 7.25 with a documentary on the Amazon river in glorious colour (for those who could see it) .

Robin Day presented Music Now at 8.15 while A Year In The Life at 8.15 looked at Tony, the rebel rocker who in June 1968 was out of work and felt misunderstood by a hostile society.

Goldie Hawn Starred In Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In On BBC2

A new series of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In started at 10.5. Dick Rowan and Dan Martin starred featuring regular support from Goldie Hawn, Arte Johnson, Jeremy Lloyd (he would later write Are You Being Served with David Croft) with special guests Debbie Reynolds, Peter Sellers and Johnny Carson.

Goldie Hawn recalled her first Laugh-In in this weeks Radio Times (6 November 1969) : 'I was asked to do Laugh-In and they didn't know what they were going to do with me.
I did the first show completely straight, and they wrote nothing for me. They just put me in the numbers and I did the introductions - very nervous because I'd never read cue cards before. And I messed them up , because when I get nervous - I guess a lot of people have this - my eyes sometimes don't register.
They're going so fast skimming over the whole thing - so frightened. And I completely fluffed everything and people started laughing. So actually it evolved to the point that I just kept it in and that was the way it was'.
Goldie also mentioned that she had recently been compared to Marilyn Monroe and Judy Holliday, '... that scares me a little bit because they're both dead'.

Amanda Barrie starred in Thirty Minute Theatre:Aggers and Torters at 10.55 and Line-Up at 11.30 presented by Tony Bilbow and Philip Jenkinson featured special guest , actor, Christopher Plummer.

Alan Freeman presented Pick Of The Pops on Radio 1

Radio highlights of the day included Dave Lee Travis on Radio 1 at 10.0am, Scene and Heard with Johnny Moran at 3.0 and The Stuart Henry Show at 4.0pm.

Pick of the Pops was presented by Alan Freeman at 5.0pm (also on Radio 2) who revealed Pop Pickers that The Archies were still at Number 1 with Sugar Sugar. Former chart topper Peter Sarstedt (Where Do You Go To My Lovely?) hosted his own show at 7.0 with guests The Humblebums (who consisted of none other than Billy Connolly and Gerry Rafferty).

Radio 2 featured comedy with The Al Read Show at 2pm and Jimmy Clitheroe as The Clitheroe Kid in The Kid Who framed Himself at 2.31pm.

Cliff Adams and The Adam Singers again Sing Something Simple at 7.0pm while at 9.0 pm The Second Round of Top Of The Form commenced with The High School for Girls, Stroud v Cranbrook Boys School, Kent under the supervision of question-masters John Ellison and Tim Gudgin.

Classical highlights on Radio 3 included Bach Cantatas, 9.4am. Mozart and Brahms, 12.0pm and Tristan and Isolde, 2.35pm, a musical drama in three acts by Wagner.

Radio 4 featured The Archers and The Reith Lectures 1969

Radio 4 highlights of the day included The Archers omnibus at 9.30 (written by Brian Hayles) , Gardeners Question Time in Renfrewshire at 2.0pm.

The Sunday Play at 2.30 was a repeat of 1964's Where Angels Fear to Tread by Elizabeth Hart featuring Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray and Keith Baxter. There was further drama in Part 5 of The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins at 8.30pm starring Margaret Wolfit and Denys Blakelock.

The Reith Lectures 1969 began at 10.10pm with Dr Frank Fraser Darling discussing Man and Nature and John Williams provided music on his guitar at 10.40 prior to The Epilogue at 10.50 which was Love your enemies (Proverbs 24 vv17-18).

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