Saturday, 21 November 2009

Those Radio Times! (BBC Radio for 21 November 1969)

Radio Highlights for Friday 21 November 1969 had Radio 1 and 2 DJ's dotted around the UK landscape as well as central base in London. Dave Lee Travis hosted Radio 1 Club from the New Century Hall, Manchester at 12.0pm, whilst Douglas Tynoch (Kynoch?) hosted Roundabout from Glasgow over on Radio 2 at 4.32pm with news views and music from Scotland.

Then, on Radio's 1 and 2, at 9.0pm Friday Night is Music Night came from the Belfast Festival 1969. Jimmy Kingsbury introduced Sidney Torch and the BBC Northern Ireland Orchestra with leader Maurice Brett., along with Friday Night's star singers, Madge Stephens, Cherry Lind and John Lawrenson.

Radio Drama Included Waggoners Walk and The Archers 

Radio drama today consisted of final weekday visits to Waggoners Walk (Radio2, 4.15pm), and The Archers (Radio 4, 6.45pm). The Third Programme also offered Deirdre of the Sorrows by J.M.Synge at 8.0pm starring Kate Binchy, Sean Barrett and Patrick Magee.

There were also memories of Edward Elgar in Listen... (Radio4, 9.25am) when David Franklin talked to listeners who discussed their memories of the man.

A Book at Bedtime (11.2pm, Radio 4), featured the final instalment of The Children of the House by Brian Fairfax-Lucy and Phillipa Pearce read by Keith Banks. Back on Radio's 1 and 2, (10.0pm) Michael Parkinson hosted Late Night Extra featuring Ken Moule and his Music, Susan Maughan and Chico Arnez and his Cubana Brass. Finally, after Midnight Newsroom (12.0am), Pat Doody brought you music on and off the record with Night Ride (12.5am), with guests Lisa Carroll and The Laurie Steele Four.

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