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Those Radio Times! (BBC Radio for November 17 1969)

Another week got underway on November 17 1969 as Radio's 1 and 2 kicked off at 5.30am with Breakfast Special presented by Paul Hollingdale.

Radio 1 listeners gave way to The Tony Blackburn Show at 7.0am, until listeners on Radio's 1 and 2 were reunited again at 9.0am with Pete Murray's Open House.

Then, The Jimmy Young Show invited listeners calls and shared recipes at 10.0am, with a brief interval at 11.0am for Morning Story (Fairy Godmother, Alfred Smith Esquire by Anna Douglas, read by Fraser Kerr)then at 11.15am, Waggoners Walk, before returning to Jimmy Young at 11.30am

Johnnie Walker Hosted Radio 1 Club From Swansea

At mid-day, Radio 1 Club today came from the Top Rank Suite, Swansea and was presented by Johnnie Walker, while Sam Costa played tunes with an accent on melody over on Radio 2.

The Terry Wogan Show at 2.0pm continued playing popular tunes on Radio 1, while Woman's Hour on Radio 2 was introduced today by Judith Chalmers, before Radio 2 joined Mr Wogan at 3.0pm. Oh what a topsy-turvy world of listening did listeners of Radio's 1 and 2 had during the weekday in 1969!

At 4.15pm on Radio 1, Dave Symonds reviewed the latest pop releases in What's New. Over on Radio 2 there was Waggoners Walk (4.15pm), Racing Results (4.31pm), then Roundabout (4.32pm), today from Birmingham and presented by Tom Coyne. There was also the first of today's reports from Robin Richards at the RAC International Rally of Great Britain at 5.45pm.

David Franklin Said Be My Guest On Radio 2

Back on Radio 1 at 5.15pm it was all things pop with The Dave Cash Radio Programme including The Radio 1 Pop Poser at 6.15pm.

Radio 2 continued with Sports Review at 6.32pm and then Brian Matthew reviewed the latest album releases in Album Time at 6.40pm

Listeners of Radio's 1 and 2 joined together again at 7.30pm as Corbet Woodall brought you News Time. Then at 7.45pm it was World Quiz 69, a general knowledge contest round and about the world between Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

David Franklin said Be My Guest at 8.15pm as he set about prove it wasn't only operatic music that interested him, even if it was only his own jokes he laughed at!

There was a repeat of the previous days edition of The Ken Dodd Experience at 8.45pm and then Phil Campbell introduced the 'Big Five' from Nashville in Country style at 9.15pm.

Bob Holness hosted Late Night Extra at 10.0pm with another report from Robin Richards at the RAC International Rally of Great Britain at 11.0pm.

Following Midnight Newsroom, Colin Nicol hosted Night Ride at 12.5am with tonight's guests, Viola Talvi and The Stan Tracey Quartet.

Kenneth Williams and Kenneth More Lead Entertainment On Radio 4

Other radio highlights today included Kenneth More reading Gipsy Moth Circles The World (Radio 4, 12.0pm) by Sir Francis Chichester and Margaret Lockwood heading the cast in the Terence Rattigan Festival presentation Variation on a Theme (Radio 4, 8.30pm).

There was comedy with Just a Minute! (Radio 4, 7.0pm) in which Nicholas Parsons controlled (!) Kenneth Williams, Derek Nimmo, Clement Freud and Fenella Fielding. Then, Kenneth Williams returned with Joan Sims in their second Tribute To Greatness (The Third Programme, 8.0pm) in which the Strolling Player Looks Back.

Tribute to Greatness was inspired when Williams heard a tribute to a Dame of the British Empire.

He told Radio Times. '...there's something in the British Character, he thinks, that seems to derive satisfaction from eulogies about people who are old enough. They seem to think age alone is proof of something worth taking note of. The truth is, of course, you can be old and untalented. '

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