Friday, 20 November 2009

Those Radio Times! (BBC Radio Listings for 20 November 1969)

Like the TV listings counterpart for today, Radio Times radio schedules for 20 November 1969 have the Apollo 12 moon mission mapped out like a script to the last moment.

Coverage of Apollo 12, The Moon Revisited would interrupt Breakfast Special at 6.40am on Radios 1 and 2 as Arthur Garrett and David Wilkinson provided commentary on the second walk on the lunar surface, an interesting way to start your day in the United Kingdom back in 1969!

There would be further updates during Pete Murray's, Terry Wogan's and Dave Cash's slots on Radio's 1 and 2 that day, enabling listeners to keep up with the latest progress.

If you felt things were getting a little to exciting however you could Break for Music at 9.25am over on Radio 4 with Alfredo Antonini and his Orchestra, or sample some British Concertos with Erich Gruenberg on violin and the BBC Welsh Orchestra with conductor John Carewe over on Radio 3 at 9.50am.

Other radio highlights today included Radio 1 Club (Radio 1, 12.0pm) from London with DJ Keith Skues, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, a comic opera in two acts with music by Rossini (Radio 3, 2.0pm) and Minor Musical Miracles (Radio 4 2.30pm) for combs, cardboard , paper and pins (from the BBC sound archives).

Elizabeth West Was Profiled On Radio 4

There was a profile of Scottish Ballet founder Elizabeth West (Radio 4, 4.15pm)in Liz, and later A portrait of George Elliot, written and narrated by Gabriel Woolf in She Gives You Sympathy (Radio 4, 7.30pm).

Soprano Margaret Neville and Tenor Gregory Dempsey featured in the Third Programme's presentation of The Rake's Progress at 7.30pm, while Robin Richmond hosted The Organist Entertains back on Radio 1 and 2 at 7.45pm. There was also a Semprini Serenade (Radio 1 and 2, 9.15pm) to help you kick back and relax before the weekend approached!

Pete Myers presented Late Night Extra (Radio 1 and 2, 10.0pm) while Keith Banks read the ninth instalment of Children of the House by Brian Fairfax-Lucy and Philippa Pearce in A Book at Bedtime (Radio 4, 11.2pm).

Finally, it was Eugene Fraser's duty on Night Ride (Radio 1 and 2, 12.5am) with Keith Miller and his Quartet to bring you music into the early hours.

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