Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Those Radio Times! (BBC Television for 17 November 1969)

It's November 17 1969, it's BBC1 and...

...it was also Lord Belbrough's Lucky Day in Watch With Mother's presentation of Chigley at 1.30pm.

Further programmes for younger viewers today included Jackanory  at 4.40pm  in which Meg Wynn Owen told The Castle of Yew by Lucy Boston. Blue Peter at 4.55pm  was presented by Valerie Singleton, John Noakes and Peter Purves.

At 5.20pm, Rex Tucker's sequel to Triton, Pegasus starring Paul Grist, James Haswell and Jonathan Adams took to the waves. In The Safety of the Nation, four years have passed since Captain Belwether and Lieutenant Lamb's adventures with the submarine Triton, when they are both summoned urgently to the admiralty...

There was Police drama at 6.45 in Z Cars when a man and a wife report a theft in their home and they want the thief, their son brought to justice. Derek Waring, Paul Angelis, Douglas Fielding and Bernard Holley starred.

Take Three Girls Begins

At 9.10pm, three young actresses took the lead in four brand new plays. Take Three Girls starred Susan Jameson as Kate, Angela Down as Avril, and Liza Goddard as Victoria.

The first episode, Stop Acting by Hugo Charteris, documented Kate's story, in which the unsuccessful actress, left holding the baby when her husband leaves, finds herself in some strange scenes.

Take Three Girls became a fondly remembered drama series, propelling the three lead actresses into stardom and making them household names. The series even spawned a sequel in the early 1980s.

There were a selection of music shows on television today, The Andy Williams Show at 7.10pm had guests Bob Newhart, Nancy Sinatra, Tiny Tim, Kenny Rogers and The First Edition and The Osmond Brothers.

Later that evening, Kenneth McKellar sang A Song For Everyone at 10.0pm with special guest Moira Anderson

Over on BBC2...

The day started at 11.0am with the first visit of the week to Play School. Today was Useful Box Day with presenters Miranda Connell and Lionel Morton. You had to be sure to catch Play School at this time today as it wasn't repeated on BBC1 later...

There was drama from The High Chaparral at 8.0pm when in The Brothers Cannon there was trouble brewing between Big John and Buck.

Before The Goodies... Broaden Your Mind!

New comedy took to the screen at 9.10pm as Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor along with Jo Kendall asked viewers to Broaden Your Mind. Certainly a forerunner for their later success in The Goodies, Broaden Your Mind also featured Bill Oddie!

Documentaries tonight on BBC2 included Television Doctor at 8.50pm taking up issues raised in viewers letters such as hospital visits, varicose veins and treatment of phobias.

Horizon at 9.40pm had the title of There's a Rhino in the Sugar, looking at how Rhinos had been disturbing workers in the Tanzanian sugar plantation and ripping open water pipes to get at the water...

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