Friday, 20 November 2009

Those Radio Times! (BBC Television for 20 November 1969)

If the previous day hadn't been exciting enough, BBC1 had prepared for another early start with Moon Morning Two scheduled in at 6.30am on 20 November 1969.

As astronauts Conrad and Bean prepared for their second days work on the moon, Cliff Michelmore was on hand to deliver further coverage with space commentators James Burke and Patrick Moore. More live pictures were due at 6.32am.

This meant that programmes For School and Colleges were due to return today at 10.0am (being absent from the schedules on Wednesday).

Then there were edited highlights of the Apollo 12 mission in Moon Day Two at 1.0pm followed by The Woodentops in Watch with Mother at 1.30pm.

Curiously scheduled in for 1.53pm today was more Children's Space Questions with James Burke and Patrick Moore, curious, as surely many of the children posing the questions were at school.

All this on BBCTV... and Apollo 12!

There was a return to programmes For Schools and Colleges at 2.5pm with Scene looking at different aspects of old age in What's It Like To Be Old? The interviewer was Tony Parker.

It was time to wrap things up back on the moon surface for astronauts Conrad and Bean as at 2.25pm there were Preparations for Lift-Off, these preparations continued into Lift-Off from the Moon at 2.50pm with the actual lift-off for Intrepid to re-join Yankee Clipper scheduled in for 3.23pm.

Play School was scheduled for 4.20pm with children's programming interrupted for a News Report at 4.40pm with further news from Apollo 12 as docking approached. Blue Peter was then scheduled for 4.55pm followed by the cartoon serial Journey to the Centre of the Earth at 5.20pm.

There were further Apollo 12 highlights following the evening and regional news programmes with Moon Walk Special at 6.15pm and Rendezvous and Docking at 6.50pm. Exciting events indeed! But music fans would have no doubt been disappointed that there was no Top of the Pops this week.

Doctor's, Dad's Army and Softly Softly

There was the second episode of the new series The Doctors at 7.10pm, while Private Godfrey's bravery was called into question in the Dad's Army episode Branded at 7.30pm.

Arnold Ridley delivering a fine performance as Private Godfrey in what was to become a popular and fondly remembered Dad's Army episode, and co-incidentally the first one to be officially broadcast in colour!

A familiar character made an arrival at Thamesford CID in Softly, Softly at 8.0pm in the form of Inspector Barlow (Stratford Johns). Kenneth Kendall presented The Main News at 8.50pm with more news from Apollo 12, then Sportsnight with Coleman featured more coverage of International Tennis at 9.15pm.

BBC1 rounded off the evening with more Apollo 12 news in pictures on 24 Hours at 10.30pm, followed by the Weatherman at 11.15pm.

Car-Wise began at 11.17pm looking at the Petrol Supply and finally James Burke looked back over man's second visit to the moon at 11.47pm in Apollo Late Night Report.

Over on BBC2.. Call My Bluff, Canterbury Tales and Georgie Fame!

John Timpson and Peter Woods looked at world news and no doubt, Apollo 12 in Newsroom at 7.30pm.

Robert Robinson chaired Call My Bluff at 8.0pm featuring a duel of wit and words between Bernard Braden, Sam Kydd, Tony Britton and Barbara Kelly, Joanna Jones and Renee Houston.

Kathleen Helme and Sarah Hyde featured in The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer at 9.15pm, while there was music from Georgie Fame and Alan Price at 10.5pm in The Price of Fame or Fame at any Price depending which way you viewed it! Guests included Thelma Houston, The Ladybirds and Pan's people with music directed by Reg Guest.

Finally, Line-Up: Thursday featured Tony Bilbow talking to Danny Kaye.

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