Saturday, 21 November 2009

Those Radio Times! (BBC Television for 21 November 1969)

BBC 1 highlights for 21 November 1969 included at 12.55pm Maes a Mor, a BBC Wales programme with John Bevan. Then, following an Interval, Pogles' Wood was today's Watch with Mother at 1.30pm.

Later in the afternoon at 2.50pm, there was Racing from Ascot, including the Kirk and Kirk Handicap Steeple Chase, the Valley Gardens Handicap Hurdle Race and the Bingley Novices Hurdle Race. Peter O' Sullivan and Clive Graham provided the commentary.

Chidren Got Serious With Space Questions

At 4.40pm, Children's TV got serious, it was Day Eight of the Apollo 12 Mission and younger viewers got their chance to put their questions to space experts James Burke and Patrick Moore in Children's Space Questions.

Then it was Friday, five to five and a colourful Crackerjack! Fronted by Michael Aspel with a little help from Peter Glaze, Rod McLennan, Frances Barlow and Jillian Comber. Robert Robinson then presented Junior Points of View at 5.40pm.

Brains of the West took part in the Ninth National Heat of Television Brain of Britain at 6.25pm.

James Drury could be seen in full colour glory as The Virginian at 6.45pm. This week Judge Garth (Leo J Cobb) welcomed his orphaned niece Jennifer (Diane Roter) to Shiloh, but it would take a showdown with a killer to persuade the girl to accept her uncle.

Wendy Craig and Ronald Hines were looking at a Change of Scene in the comedy Not in Front of the Children at 7.55pm, while Michael Bentine offered Just a crumb from the spongecake of life in his look at the comedic Golden Silents, Langdon, Turpin, Chaplin and Keaton at 8.25pm.

Following The Main News with Richard Baker at 8.50pm, you could settle down and tune in to The Survivors at 9.10pm starring Lana Turner and George Hamilton, (yes, the very same George Hamilton who's in I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here, exactly 40 years later to the week on ITV!).

Don Moss introduced big band sounds in Dance Date at 10.0pm, then Kenneth Allsop looked at the news 24 hours at 10.30pm.

Finally, there was the semi-finals of the British Covered Courts Open Championships in International Tennis at 11.5pm.

And so the first full week of colour television programmes drew to a close on BBC1, television would never be so Black and White again...

Over on BBC2...
The day began in usual fashion at 11.0am with Play School, in which today was Science Day, presented by Miranda Connel and Lionel Morton, I bet that was good!

BBC2 had Closedown at 11.20am, but returned at 7.0pm with What are the Facts - about Antibiotics? Derek Cooper headed the enquiry.

Gordon Wilkins covered The Rally of the Forests in motor magazine programme Wheelbase at 8.0pm.

At 9.10pm Annie Girardot and Maurice Ronet starred in The French Cinema presentation, Trois Chambres a Manhattan (Three Rooms In Manhattan).

Then, at 10.55pm David Holmes looked back over the week in Parliament in Westminster at Work.

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