Saturday, 9 January 2010

Dad's Army Van Trucks Into Dick Barton

It was to my surprise last night when watching the current rerun of Dick Barton - Special Agent on Film24 that I recognised a star of the classic Dad's Army television series amongst the cast.

No it wasn't Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn or John Laurie but BUC 852 otherwise known as Lance Corporal Jones Butchers van which appeared in several episodes of the popular sitcom.

In this adventure, originally broadcast back in early 1979, the van is used by a gang of crooks to transport some stolen tobacco to a hideout.

However; as it is also a cold storage meat wagon, the crooks also trap the hero of the story Dick Barton (Tony Vogel) in the back of the van and attempt to freeze him to death, almost relevant again with the cold weather currently swamping Britain in our present cold snap.

BUC 852 rarely appeared in other TV shows outside Dad's Army but can still be frequently seen in various shows and museums across Great Britain, the picture above taken at a Dad's Army event by myself in 2005.

This appearance in the Dick Barton - Special Agent series is the first I have discovered of this vehicle outside Dad's Army or any related documentary shows, so I'd be interested to know of any other TV series it may have appeared in.

You can read more about BUC 852 on my Dad's Army tribute site here

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