Friday, 1 January 2010

REVIEW: Doctor Who - The End of Time (Christmas 2009)

Russell T Davies seemed to reverse the polarity of his writing with the latest Doctor Who two-parter The End Of Time, which as well as his own farewell to the series was also David Tennant's final appearance as The Doctor.

Of recent series, I've often found Davies' two-parters slightly disappointing, generally taking the format of a high tension fast paced first episode leading into a hastily wrapped up second instalment.

I certainly feel these Christmas episodes were reversed however, though of course the outcome that the Tenth Doctor is going to regenerate at the end of the story is always on the viewers mind from the offset.

Without giving too much away, The Time Lords are back, lead by former James Bond Timothy Dalton. It's also good to see the return of Bernard Cribbins as Wilf and John Simm as The Master, Catherine Tate is back too, though not as much as I'd have liked. While the climax of the second episode allows Russell T Davies time to revisit companions of his time as producer, a move I thought slightly self indulgent (and dragged the episode on unnecessarily for a further 10 minutes).

The final moments do deliver, with a regeneration sequence that doesn't disappoint and a total trashing of the TARDIS set, with Matt Smith then piloting the console into a new era for Doctor Who.

For me, David Tennant has had better episodes (The Family of Blood / The Idiots Lantern / Turn Left) and these last few specials were not his best, but on the whole his time as the Doctor has been an enjoyable journey and as , both he and producer Russell T Davies leave the show. One can only look forward to the changes due as the Doctor Who series regenerates iwith new Doctor Matt Smith and producer Steven Moffatt later this year...

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