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Looking back at The Dave Cash Programme (Good Friday, March 27,1970)

The Dave Cash Programme
Broadcast: BBC Radio 1, March 27th 1970 (Good Friday) , 5.15-7.15pm

ANNOUNCER: The time on Radio 1 is 5.15 and time for The Dave Cash Radio Programme
DAVE CASH: Are you sure about that?
ANNOUNCER: Err reasonably sure… yeah
DAVE CASH: OK I’ll accept it, many people wouldn’t!

Well many people probably did. Dave Cash was one of the most successful disc jockeys in the early years of Radio 1 and it’s easy to see why. A great line up of music supplemented with jingles created by fellow disc jockey Kenny Everett (who Cash formed a partnership with on Pirate Radio Station, Radio London several years before) and sound bytes including adverts for bizarre products , new releases (via the Cash Register) and solid gold oldies.

Its 40 years since the Good Friday edition of The Dave Cash Programme went out on BBC Radio 1 and Cash’s style of presentation still makes enjoyable listening.

Highlights of the show included:
  • Replaying the beginning and ends of records when pointing out something of interest to the listeners – (though you’d really need a good pair of high powered headphones to hear an in-joke on Pipkins Gimme Dat Ding).
  • A young contestant, Irene Randolph from Harlow, Essex sounds more ecstatic at been on Dave’s show than winning the latest Roy Orbison album .
  • Dave attempts to sing Lee Marvin’s Wandrin Star with Jenny , producer Ron’s little girl who, Dave explains is in the studio because its holiday time and Dave has brought his wife in, who won’t speak but the kid will!
  • There’s also Alice from the restaurant who shares a West Indian custom of forecasting your future on Good Friday with the remnants of an egg white. Apparently it only works on a Good Friday reveals Alice, it must be a great day for the egg marketing board jokes Dave.
Unlike today's Disc Jockeys who require a posse of back up Dee Jays, Dave was good at making use of the people around him!

Other points of interest on this show is a trailer for Disco 2 presented by Tommy Vance and a trailer for that nights BBC1 broadcast of Steptoe and Son.

Dave Cash’s Playlist for March 27th 1970 (Good Friday)

The Band – Rag Mama Rag
The Jackson Five – I Want You Back
The Supremes – You Keep Me Hanging On
Cliff Richard & Hank Marvin – The Joy of Living
The Cufflinks – When Julie Comes Around
The Pipkins – Gimme Dat Ding
Lee Marvin – Wandrin’ Star
Credence Clearwater Revival – Travellin' Band
The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
Roy Orbison – Help Me Rhonda (featuring what Dave terms as a Disc Jockey Death Trap - a false ending!)
PickettyWitch – The Same Old Feeling
Tom Jones – Delilah
Deep Feeling – Do You Love Me?
Juicy Lucy – Who do You Love? (Request for Alison Taylor, Mark, Kelly and Paul from Greenfield’s School, Tenby).
Andy Williams – Can’t Help Falling In Love
Jimmy Ruffin – Farewell is a Lonely Sound
Dave Clark Five – Everybody Get Together
Marsha Hunt - Keeping the Customer Satisfied
Stevie Wonder – Never Had a Dream Come True
The Greatest Show on Earth – Real Cool World
Dusty Springfield – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me
Gene Pitney – A Street Called Hope (Dave acknowledges Gene’s appearance on the show the previous Friday and his current UK tour).
Anita Harris and the New World Symphony Orchestra – The Only One to Love Me
The Freshmen – Halfway to Where
The Rolling Stones – I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
The Beatles – Let it be

The Playlist is slightly incomplete as show recording is interrupted halfway through; though it sounds like the record Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye may follow Deep Feeling’s Do You Love Me? Dave also promises a recording from Ike and Tina Turner which may have finished the programme.

In the News: March 27th 1970 (Good Friday)
Selections from the News Bulletins presented on this show:
  • South Vietnamese Troops are reported to have penetrated two miles into Cambodian territory and killed 53 Vietcong troops. The raid was said to have being on an enemy based camp a 105 miles West of Saigon.
  • A move to cut interference by the pop radio ship Mebo II off the Essex coast . The Post Office is now using a more powerful transmitter to improve radio communications in the area. A spokesman for the radio ship said it would only broadcast on Short wave and VHF over the next two days, it will be back on the air on the Medium wave on Sunday on a different frequency.
  • Two British Merchant Navy Officers detained by the Chinese are back home, they said they had signed confessions in Shanghai after intensive interrogations but they still don’t know what they have done wrong. Their treatment however had been scrupulously correct.
  • Busmen working for the Midland Red Company are to get up to a £5 a week pay rise. The company say the aim is to counteract the inevitable bad effect on services on the recent regulations limiting driver’s hours.
Thanks to Azanorak who without providing this recording, the feature would not have been possible.

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