Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Theatre Review: Dad's Army Marches On, Bristol Hippodrome

It’s definitely a case of “Don’t Panic Captain Mainwaring!” as four classic episodes of the evergreen sitcom Dad’s Army are presented at the Bristol Hippodrome this week.

Dad’s Army Marches On ties in with the 70th anniversary of the formation of The Home Guard and the 65th anniversary of VE day and is as much a timely reminder of how the British kept calm and carried on on the home-front in Great Britain during the early days of World War II as it is a celebration of British comedies finest half hour.

Timothy Kightley delivers a comical and pompous interpretation of Captain Mainwaring, displaying the authority required to play such a role. He’s put to the ultimate test in the productions presentation of Mum’s Army in which Mainwaring has his own “Brief Encounter” moment with Mrs Gray (Sarah Berger).

Leslie Grantham recreates the role of Cockney Spiv Joe Walker who as well as interjecting comments and jokes also provides a welcome linking narration between episodes.

Kern Falconer presents a very competent portrayal of Scots curmudgeon Private Frazer and provides much hilarity with Richard Tate as Lance Corporal Jones and Maitland Chandler as Private Godfrey in their ridiculous attempts to look younger in the Keep Young and Beautiful sequence.

Accompanied with two further classic episodes in which Godfrey is accused of Cowardice and Jones is accused of leaving a fellow soldier behind in the desert years before, Dad’s Army Marches On presents over 2 hours worth of classic comedy that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages.

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