Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Devon Cliffs - Wednesday

Wednesday involves our visit to nearby Sandy Beach, though why its called Sandy Beach I have no idea as there is more seaweed present on the beach than sand!

Still, the seaweed is good to walk on, when I'm not been bitten by insects that look like mini-scorpions...

We had also noticed the day before the beach was overlooked by the local detachment of the Royal Navy training on the cliff's above. You couldn't miss them, the shots were quite loud!

It's been quite a warm day and it certainly made the women on the beach smile when the soldiers ran down from the cliff top for a break in their target practice to paddle in the beach...

Seren and I also took time to draw pictures in the sand, what sand we could find that is...

So if you like a beach full of seaweed- Sandy Beach at Devon Cliff's is highly recommended!

Devon Cliffs - Tuesday

Every evening is taken up with the Fun Factor!!

An evening of fun and games for the kids and generally a time when as an adult you try and sneak a few sips of Guinness between visits to the Fun works memorabilia shop and taking the kids to the loo!

A break in proceedings was taking the boys to the Fun zone where they put endless supplies of two pence pieces into machines for little clumps of tickets in order to redeem for a rubbish toy at a later date - if you remember!

Rachel calls me on my mobile 20 minutes into the Funworks informing me that Seren is on stage for the Fun Factor, so we run back to he bar area and there's Seren on stage playing some sort of party game with several other kids passing non-descript objects to each other until the music stops.

When the music stops - that's when you need to start worrying if you have a child on stage. For if the music stops on your child they reserve the right to pick a relative (if they are over 16) or if you're lucky a Fun Star (the modern day equivalent of a holiday entertainer) to get a soaking from a water balloon.

Well, the music stopped on Seren and yes, I got a soaking!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Devon Cliffs - Monday

It's Holiday Time!

Last time we (that's me, my wife Rachel, and our three children, Seren, Jon and Tom) visited Devon Cliffs caravan park was for a press review 2 years ago. However, on that occasion we only had a weekend, whereas this time it's a whole week!

Our first week long family holiday - will we survive?

The caravan is quite tiny - we hadn't upgraded the package like we normally do, so no extra pillows, no microwave oven, no toaster... The grill pan on the oven burns the toast 'cos its the wrong grill pan - oh, this'll be fun...

Monday, 28 June 2010

Doing The Blog

This is my first real attempt at doing a "proper" blog.

It's been a while in the making - getting pen to paper and then been transcribed to computer are several different transitory periods in itself.

In writing this introduction, I'm rewriting it several weeks after the event - in which I was in a caravan in Devon Cliffs with no access to a computer, came home, had a bout of flu and three weeks later here I am in front of the computer, typing something completely different.

So you aren't reading my original introduction, its too melancholic anyway, but I will try and keep this real, fun and inspiring, drawing from things around me and drawing things around me, and it will try and be more instant, as it happens, as it should be...

I'm hoping this blog will open up a new level of creativity in me. I've always been into my drawing and one thing I'd like to do is bring my art into this.

I feel I've been suffering from a form of artists block for a while now, mainly down to my brain decomposing in front of a computer for long periods of time during the day ( I design pages for several weekly newspapers), it's a busy job, and there's generally a lot to get through!

Okay enough rambling, there will be journal extracts, drawings and photographs along the way, enjoy!


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