Monday, 12 July 2010

Back to work

Back to work today - paper deadline beckons on the Cardy Courier as did a return to work form and interview.

"Are you fit to return to work? Is there anything we can do for you?, my dutiful line manager reads out from a manuscript of carefully photocopied red-tape. "Be nice to me" I reply.

A flurry of blank pages were released for the weekly paper I had to design, obviously the advertisement rep for the paper hasn't been selling, she's probably on another training course!
The editor does inform me though that one advert has probably been pulled due to the fact that the old curmudgeon who writes a monthly column for the paper had his article pulled last week due to him making libelous comments. No doubt he instructed his son who was due to advertise not to bother.

Got the paper out eventually but have more extended pain tomorrow when I'll be finishing off West Wales not so finest paper, The Monty Mercury, but not in the sense I'd like too!

When I got home to take Jon to a classmate's birthday party, I was surprised to find him asleep on the sofa!

He soon jumped up however, when realising I was home so off to the birthday party we went.
When we got there, the boy's father and I ended up been in the back of a Fire Engine type limousine with around 15 kids yelling with excitement as we toured the happy heights of Newport, Gwent.

All the kids had a great time! Though I was quite happy to get back with all our kids asleep by 9 O'clock, I hope the other parents were just as lucky!

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