Monday, 19 July 2010

Birthday Blog

I awoke at 5am - not the first night this has happened recently.

The sun is gradually peeping through the curtains, Rachel's sleeping deeply and Jonathan has made his way into the bed between us again. But then I feel another presence, a hand on the other side of me, someone by the bed!

Sitting up startled, I see no-one, then I look down towards the floor, Tom, our youngest, has obviously made his way into the room again, seen there's no room on the bed and snuggled up on a cushion on the floor.

These night time invasions are not unusual at the moment. Lifting Tom up and placing him on my space in the bed, I resign myself for the next few hours to Jon's empty bed, I then realise it's my birthday, then automatically dismiss it.

Next thing I know its gone 8am, Seren is prodding me in the back.

"Dad! It's Your birthday, you're 42 and you're getting old!" she says rather innocently.

"Thank you Seren" I reply burying my head in the pillow even further.

This is followed by silence for 10 minutes , then all 3 of my children are stood by my bed with a birthday breakfast consisting of one Weetabix and a glass of orange juice. A rare treat!

My presents from the children consist of home-made Doctor Who birthday cards and a selection of Doctor Who models and pens, all in all, pretty cool choices!

Today also coincides with Seren's dance presentation at her dance school. It has to be said these affairs are not the best organised despite seeing my daughter perform.

Seren was performing two dances today , around two hours after the event began, and then had to wait a further 90 minutes before claiming her award.

Both herself and the boys were troopers all the way, as was Rachel who kept sacrificing her food to feed Tom or Jon as we all waited for the thing to end.

The organiser who kept changing the running order schedule at a seconds notice "to break it up, because the younger ones get bored" has a serious lack of organisation skills and probably dragged the event on for two hours longer than necessary.

My heart went out to the dance school's unsuspecting new patron, a famous Welsh playwright who was referred to as an actor, wasn't given a chance to give a scheduled speech and was generally just ignored, that's when our host could be bothered to remember his name!

Seren did make me proud though, she is brilliant at ballet and modern dance, so it was a wonderful present to see such a talented daughter receive so many awards and medals for her hard work!

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