Friday, 2 July 2010

Devon Cliffs - Friday

This morning we did the Character Breakfast!

The tried and tested holiday pastime which involves having a full breakfast delivered to your table by one or two characters. Seren always remembers the time her mothers breakfast was nearly eaten by Rory The Tiger at Kiln Park, Tenby, several years ago.

Though I have to say times have changed a bit, the characters actually no longer deliver the food to the table, the parents do that now, the characters instead walk through for yet another photo opportunity.

Both Bradley Bear and Rory The Tiger came to visit during the breakfast and despite what Seren says, she still enjoys seeing the characters at the age of 7!

Breakfast at The Mash and Barrel consisted of Banger, bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes and finishing off what Seren and Tom had left - my privilege - I began to feel the effects after 4 cups of coffee - free refills!

There are lots of opportunities for the children to eat and drink over the break - another opportunity is the character picnic which generally involves fun and games with Fun Stars with Bradley and Rory and the children getting a picnic lunch in delightful little picnic baskets (pictured).

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