Monday, 5 July 2010

Devon Cliffs - Sunday

Last day of the holidays - I'm continuing to feel the strains of what feels like a cold attacking me but am determined to fight on and enjoy whats left of our time in Devon Cliffs.

Took the kids to several events including Bradley and Rory's Fun Factor in which we watched the latest Zoo Troop DVD, followed by some drawing and crafting. Seren made a plea to play Golf despite the windy weather , so Rachel obliged. The clear sea-view had even disappeared today but shouldn't complain too much - we have had lots of nice weather this week.

I took Jon and Tom swimming, in which Jon proudly demonstrated to me he could use the water slide no less than 25 times, it's so good to see he's building lots of confidence in the water!

The final evenings entertainment included the Zoo troop drama in which I took Tom to see and music from Fun-Star Natalie giving faithful renditions of Lulu's Shout and Maria McKee's Show Me Heaven.

Natalie had also made appearances earlier in the day with fellow Fun-Stars performing songs from High School Musical and Grease which appealed greatly to the children. Just goes to show how talented these guys really are!

I'd say that anything that can keep a family entertained for 45 minutes can't be a bad thing and certainly puts a smile on the children's faces!

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