Friday, 2 July 2010

Devon Cliffs - Thursday

Today was Jungle Olympics!

Anyone familiar with the goings on of Bradley Bear and Rory the Tiger (as we have been for several years already) are also familiar with Jungle Olympics.

An afternoon of games which involve children and parents alike participating in various sporting events in order to win certificates.

Seren and I won the race in which we had to cross the floor with Seren stood on my feet.

"How did you do that Dadi?"asked Seren.

"Well we've had plenty of practice at home," I reply, "though I never thought any such activity would ever win us a race!".

Don't you love those Burger King toys?

Their latest promotion features squeeze toy models of WWF stars John Cena and The Undertaker.

John joined us earlier in the holiday. Hungry for food, we all piled into Burger King on our arrival at Devon Cliffs on Monday.

Within minutes there were cries of "You can't see me!", from Jon and Tom's toys of John Cena. Cena's dolls have continued to provide constant amusement throughout the break! However; I fear he has become too much for some parents!

On a late night trip to the rubbish bin, I threw a hefty bag of holiday waste into the bin close to our caravan. Rather than the usual clunk of rubbish hitting the bottom , I heard a muffled cry of "You can't see me!" from within the bin.

"No!", I thought, "but I can still hear you!".

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