Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Devon Cliffs - Tuesday

Every evening is taken up with the Fun Factor!!

An evening of fun and games for the kids and generally a time when as an adult you try and sneak a few sips of Guinness between visits to the Fun works memorabilia shop and taking the kids to the loo!

A break in proceedings was taking the boys to the Fun zone where they put endless supplies of two pence pieces into machines for little clumps of tickets in order to redeem for a rubbish toy at a later date - if you remember!

Rachel calls me on my mobile 20 minutes into the Funworks informing me that Seren is on stage for the Fun Factor, so we run back to he bar area and there's Seren on stage playing some sort of party game with several other kids passing non-descript objects to each other until the music stops.

When the music stops - that's when you need to start worrying if you have a child on stage. For if the music stops on your child they reserve the right to pick a relative (if they are over 16) or if you're lucky a Fun Star (the modern day equivalent of a holiday entertainer) to get a soaking from a water balloon.

Well, the music stopped on Seren and yes, I got a soaking!

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