Sunday, 25 July 2010

Excerpts from my old sketchbooks - part 1

I keep finding bits of art I've done over the years, so I thought it might be good to start uploading some of this stuff, as well as the latest scribblings...

My family and friends know of my passion for the Doctor Who TV series and here's some stuff I probably did around 20 years ago. Of course Doctor Who was very uncool then, not like today where everyone likes it and these sketches are very much inspired from the classic series - hope you enjoy!

'Exterminate the Anorak' was inspired by a 1991 BBC2 documentary on Doctor Who which was hosted by a Brummie anorak. Anorak was one of the terms coined for Doctor Who obsessives and not a phrase I'm particularly fond of, hence the cartoon which I later put on a tee-shirt - there's a colour version somewhere!

The Sea Devils is inspired by the 1972 serial starring Jon Pertwee and featured Roger Delgado as The Master. Funnily enough The Sea Devils reptilian cousins, The Silurians featured in the latest series.

The Abominable Snowmen was inspired by the now largely missing 1967 serial starring Patrick Troughton. I did this for someones birthday as a tee-shirt at the time, so again, there's a colour version somewhere...

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