Friday, 9 July 2010

Flu Blues

We got back home to Newport in Gwent on Monday, and learnt that before we left, Rachel had been so methodical at switching off the electrics, she had also switched off the freezer.

Disposing of a freezer full of uneatable food gave me plenty to do on Monday afternoon, but gave our food recycling bin plenty to fill. This and fighting off still what seemed like an oncoming cold was not a great feeling. Yuck!

Going back to work on Tuesday was a big mistake. I should have realised I wasn't feeling well on Tuesday morning when I buttered the same slice of bread on both sides while making my lunch!

Tuesday is generally an impossible day, requiring me to design a certain publication I work on that requires a 100 impossible things to do before its lunchtime deadline.

Here I had several picture spreads which required 11 pictures on a page and stories which due to legality and taste really shouldn't sit next to each other on a page. While all this was going on my patience became non existent most of it was likely due to a build up of what many term as "Man-flu".

Flu in July, who'd have thought it?

I didn't get wise to this straight away, it was only recuperating in bed on Wednesday and Thursday that wakened me to the fact that I can't keep pushing myself when feeling ill. But I've never been one for giving in too easily, even to illness.

But you start to become away of how fallible you are when the kids start telling you "Please get well soon Dadi, we want to play out!"

Between bouts of sleep, been ill did give me chance to watch a bit more TV than usual.

Daytime TV is not like when I was growing up in the 70s. back then, a day off school meant a day of watching entertaining programmes for Schools and Colleges, and frequently learning something you may not even get taught in your own school!

Today's dosage of daytime TV consists of Jeremy Kyle: 'we are going to find out if the baby you're girlfriend has had is yours and if you really did snog your mother in law last christmas' or some antique expert who encourages some poor unsuspecting individual to part with great Auntie Maud's family heirloom for a pittance at auction.

Frankly, BBC News 24's coverage of the Raol Moat man-hunt seemed uncomfortably more compelling. These are strange times we are living in.

It was with greater relief though that I found myself watching Fireman Sam on Cartoonito with my youngest son, Tom. Today's instalment involved fireman Elvis Cridlington slipping over in the station and becoming wheelchair bound.
However, our hero was still able to perform a rescue when Station Officer Steele and troublesome youth Norman Price got their heads jammed in the park railings!

Elvis was ready and able which is more than I could say for me, but still, I hadn't laughed so hard all week, as did Tom!

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