Thursday, 30 September 2010

How We May Have Retired 50 Years Ago...

It just goes to show that reaching the steady heights of long service with a company has not always warranted rewards of carriage clocks, gold watches and a favourite tipple.

An extract from the Barry & District News of September 29, 1960, 50 years ago this week has a classic example:

Edward Evans of Westward Rise Barry, was presented with an umbrella and a pipe on his retirement as foreman fitter at Barry Docks where he had worked for the British Transport Commission for 31 years.
Lets hope Edward got the longstanding service from his pipe and brolly...

Cyw Bus Comes To School

If you lived in Wales, you'd be familiar with S4C's Children's television output which goes out under the title of Cyw (that's Welsh for Chick).

It's a pretty good service and certainly knocks the spots off any other terrestrial TV channel's children's output. The children spend many mornings having breakfast and brushing up on their Welsh skills with Meees, Sam Tan and Nodi!

Cyw frequently visits and features many schools and today was the turn of Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd. Jonathan's class was recorded and the results will be broadcast on S4C on October 20th.
Here are some pictures of the Cyw bus parked in the school grounds and even Tom took time to peek in!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Martyn Joseph Interview

Martyn Joseph has long been a musical hero of mine and I got the opportunity to interview him today about his new single which is a homage to The Ryder Cup currently happening in Newport!

On this Celtic Morning is a beautiful and poetic song and can be downloaded from Martyns website

As well as discussing his inspiration for his song, Martyn also discussed his new album "Under Lemonade Skies" which already comes recommended by Radio 2 legend Bob Harris who says it will be Martyn's biggest recording.

You can read my interview with Martyn Joseph here


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