Friday, 26 November 2010

Listening to Doctor Who's Audiobook Adventures

Looks like The Giant Robot has returned! Well almost - he's actually modelling the latest line of Doctor Who Audiobooks (there's not much life left in the molten metal market!).

Anyway to the point of this blog entry - One of my great passions has always been books and I must admit as I was growing up (which seems so long ago now - or am i still doing that?) I was an avid reader of the Doctor Who Target Book series.

These were an essential read to all Doctor Who fans during the 1970s and the 1980s - especially in the years before the video recorder as they allowed you to catch up on old TV adventures.

I would regularly do business in the playground with several school friends buying up their old copies of Day Of The Daleks or The Zarbi. I had quite a neat collection in the end and still have it though most confess I've not reread any of them in years.

Its been quite a boost that BBC Audio have re released several of these titles as audio books now breathing new life into the series. As well as the classic stories there are also new audio adventures featuring Tom Baker (in my opinion - the best Doctor!) and original audiobooks such as The Rising Night read by Michelle Ryan who played Lady Christina in Planet Of The Dead (and should certainly have become a regular companion!).

I've recently written some in depth reviews of some of these audiobooks and you can check out reviews and overviews at the following links:

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