Sunday, 28 November 2010

Revisiting The Blood Donor With Tony Hancock

I was pleasantly surprised to find this morning that my interview with Rhys from Goldie Lookin Chain had been selected for an editors choice award on

If you still havent caught the interview and want to find more about GLC's new Christmas release you can read Goldie Lookin Chain Unwrap New Christmas Album here.

Moving on, I love listening and watching classic comedy, shows such as Dad's Army and Hancock's Half Hour have always been favourites. My love affair with my iPod allows me to listen to audio versions of these programmes with great ease.

The Blood Donor by Tony Hancock is still a classic nearly 50 years on from its original broadcast, and I chose to celebrate that in a new feature. Its amazing to think that since it was released as a vinyl record in late 1961 this has been available as a record, cassette, CD and now an Mp3 download. That's not to mention the TV version on Video and DVD... I wonder if it ever made to 8 track cartridge?

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