Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

I have to say I'm not a fan of the whole New Year experience. In fact that bit between Christmas Day ending and New Years Day beginning is a week I've never enjoyed much. Mainly as I generally find myself in the workplace with a bunch of like minded beings who would rather not be there as well!

Last Department Standing

So there we all were on New Years Eve, waiting for the day to end. Working in a Central Subs department for local newspapers, we are generally the last department standing (all other departments and offices have gone home anywhere from hours to days before).

We usually find ourselves scrabbling around for news items that either don't exist between Christmas and New Year or shouldn't be in the paper in the first place. One famous picture story from early last year in one of our titles entitled Land Rover Found Dead In A Ditch during the snowfalls, would have been more at home on Have I Got News For You.

Lack Of Seasonal Goodwill To All Men In The Workplace

In the final moments of the working day, I took a few snaps of two iconic sets of Christmas decorations in our department that are as instant as Tesco Premium Coffee and have as much sparkle as our pay freezes we are currently experiencing for the third year.

Alex's Christmas tree still looks like an alien transmitter, supplemented with Owen's out of date tin of Monty dog food (bought in tribute to a legendary newspaper editor) while Nigel's deflated balloons (as they have been since early December) and postcard sum our offices lack of seasonal goodwill to all men perfectly...

Oh well, to adapt a famous Slade Yuletide hit... 'So there it was Merry Christmas, Everybody was having fun, here's to the future, oh , maybe not...'

Happy New Year Everybody!

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