Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Newport Panoramic Pictures

It had been a stressful morning in the office, so I nipped out  for a while this lunchtime and brrrrrrrrr it was cold - but I needed the air!

Had a brief walk up to Tredegar Park Roundabout (on the edge of Cardiff Road) and thought I'd play with the panoramic settings on my mobile phone camera taking an image from the other side of the bridge for a change and the roundabout!

Amazing how much depth these wider shots can add to a scene!


  1. Hi Andy, how's things? I like the panoramic pictures. I've put a folder of panoramas on my Flickr page:


    Matt Bigwood

  2. Hi Matt - Ok thanks - thanks for the compliment on the pics though nowhere near your league! - thanks for the link - I'll check them out - keep in touch!



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