Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday Superstore: Black and White Television

Black and White TV Advert - Radio Times, 1969
I'm old enough to remember still having a Black and White Television in my parents home.

As late as 1973, my parents rented a set from Granada TV Rentals before making the switch to Visionhire and plummeting for a Colour TV.

The Emergence Of Colour Television

Colour Television had initially kicked off in Great Britain in late 1966 with regular TV broadcasts commencing on BBC2 from 1967. BBC1 and ITV started broadcasting in colour regularly from 1969, although it was 1971 before the majority of the United Kingdom could begin enjoying Colour Television.

Memories of Black and White Television

For families on a tighter budget, Black and White TV was still the only option well into the 1970s. My Grandfather didn't see a Colour TV until the Pope's 1982 visit. His immediate response to colour TV was utter disbelief : "They aren't the proper colours!," he exclaimed.

When working as a trainee TV engineer for Visionhire on the Youth Training Scheme in 1984,  it was interesting to note how many old age pensioners still treasured their trusty Black and White TV sets and how some were visibly upset when we had to remove some of them because the valves that ran them could no longer be replaced.

The other day, a young work colleague, referred to the era of Black and White TV as "The days of Uncoloured TV". I interjected, "You know, The Black and White Minstrel Show wasn't the only show to be broadcast back in those days". Perhaps political correctness has gone a step further now than we realise?

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