Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Secret Life Of Bob Monkhouse - Revealed!

To me, Bob Monkhouse was one of those television personalities who always had a warm presence when he appeared on television during the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Be it presenting a game show or telling a joke you could always guarantee he would have a smooth but sharp delivery. He was a comedy genius and I, like many I'm sure, took him for granted.

My earliest memories of him were watching him on The Golden Shot on Sunday afternoons in the early 70s with the gorgeous Anne Aston. I always remember that the show was never as good when Norman Vaughan and then Charlie Williams took over and how everyone rejoiced when Bob returned!

Then there was Celebrity Squares, Family Fortunes and Bob's Full House all great Saturday evening shows, gently teasing the contestants but never condescending.

It seemed such a tragedy when Bob died of cancer back in December 2003 and despite been in show business for over 50 years still only looked less than that in age terms.

Two Documentaries Celebrate Bob Monkhouse

This last year has seen two remarkably warm documentaries paying tribute to a man that despite making many laugh seemed occasionally beset by his own personal tragedies.

The Unforgettable Bob Monkhouse is repeated on ITV on Wednesday evening at 9pm and looks at Bob's private life as well as his successful career.

The Secret Life Of Bob Monkhouse broadcast on BBC Four on Monday evening and repeated again on Saturday is a comprehensive look at the man's career through his personal video archive with many clips of previously missing believed wiped shows including The Golden Shot, Sunday Night At The London Palladium and a little known drama called Bug.

There are also tantalising glimpses of recordings of wiped radio programmes featuring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Tony Hancock and Frankie Howerd.

I have reviewed both programmes and you can read the reviews here:

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