Friday, 14 January 2011

What I did on my Lieu day

Boswell's Cafe, Newport
One of the pluses of my job is that I do get occasional lieu days although in recent times I've generally been too tired to enjoy them, however this particular one was jam packed.

I've prepared four new features for my Retrospace Blog these include:

Badge Friday - A weekly feature which looks at badges I've had in my collection over the years - these may include brief histories, memories or reminiscences.

Saturday Superstore - No, not the BBC1 kids show from the 80s that featured Mike Read and Sarah Greene, this looks at adverts from decades gone by of various products that were once familiar to many of us.

Retrospace Top Ten Sundays - A new feature featuring Top Tens of yesteryear, these could be songs, films, quotes, in fact anything. Checkout My first Retrospace top Ten Sunday and join in if you have a suggestion or a top ten - I can then promote your blog!
Lasagne From Boswell's

Wordless Wednesday - Many blogger's are already doing this and Rachel told me about this one - I have a variety of old pictures in my collection which I'll be kicking off this feature with!

Lunch at Boswell's

After a productive morning Rachel and I had lunch at a cafe in Newport City Centre. Boswell's do some smashing food and the kid's enjoyed their Gingerbread Men the other week!

Today we had lasagna which I have to say was one of the finest I've tasted in many years!

Bargain!: The Rat Pack CD
Charity Shop Bargains

Also had chance to look around a few charity shops today too. I found two excellent CD's reflecting my current tastes in music featuring The Rat Pack and Rosemary Clooney and at a pound each too - bargain!

The contents of both these CD's have since found their way on to my iPod!

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