Friday, 4 February 2011

Badge Friday: I'm A Teddy Tot!

Teddy Tot Badge - Circa 1974
Jelly Tots were launched by Rowntree Macintosh sweets  in 1967 and by the mid 1970s were joined on the sweet market by further brands including Tiger Tots, Dolly Mixtures and Teddy Tots.

I'm hazarding a guess that this I'm a Teddy Tot badge coincided with the launch of this particular sweet range and was my first badge!

I certainly remember receiving it when my mum purchased a packet of Teddy Tots for me from Mr and Mrs Rigg's shop in nearby (I think!) Westbourne Street in Stockton On Tees back around 1974!

The sweets have long since been devoured and Teddy Tots are all but a distant memory - but the badge - like my Jelly Tots one - purchased at the same place, still survive!

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