Sunday, 13 February 2011

Cereal Crimes

Jon and Tom love their breakfasts. I sometimes think Jon could sit their all day eating cereal! Today he had a two bowls of Frosties and a third made up of Choco Hoops and Choc N Roll.

"Don't Take My Picture!"
Tom stuck to his favourite - Rachel's pancakes!

More Cereal fun over on Retrospace!


  1. What kind of pancake is that? My kids would live off cereal if I allowed it. Sometimes I do allow it for dinner. :) Happy WW!

  2. LOL It's Pancake with butter and sugar - my wife has to make them and then we freeze them! They take a minute to defrost in the microwave and then the boys like butter and sugar on them - though that isn't always allowed! The butter and sugar is a Welsh delicacy - or that's what they tell me!



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