Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Online Sketchbook: Nigel's Beatles Cartoon

Nigel and Yours Truly 
(whoever he may be)
A colleague of mine, Nigel Corten retired from The South Wales Argus Central Sub's Department last Friday. I'll miss Nigel in the workplace as he often regaled me with 1960s anecdotes, while I jogged his memory with facts and figures of music, television and film from that decade!  These chats earned me the title of Keeper of the Sixties, though as he always tells me - he was there!

I'm hoping Nigel will find time to share a few of his anecdotes and memories over on my Retrospace blog shortly. In the meantime, here's a cartoon I did of Nigel with John, Paul, George and Ringo for his retirement card.

I've included the three steps of the design: the initial line concept, the colourised version and the final cartoon with text.
Beatles Cartoon - Line Concept
The initial cartoon was based on the Beatles cartoon characters from the American TV series. Thankfully I had a book which had some rough sketches of these to base them on.
Beatles Cartoon - Coloured Version
I then scanned the cartoon into Adobe Photoshop colouring the main characters and adding a psychedelic filter background. Note that I opted for the grey Beatle suit colour.
Beatles Cartoon - Final Version
Here's the final card design with a few added speech bubbles and message. Nigel is depicted in his motorbike helmet (complete with Beatle fan club badge!). It took me a few evenings to do but was great fun.

And Another Thing: Get Back to Mono with Sgt Pepper and more Beatles blogging!

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