Monday, 7 February 2011

Swinging With The Rat Pack On Saturday Night!

The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular - Wayne Kennedy
On Saturday night I attended the Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular at Newport Riverfront. This is the fourth Rat Pack show that I've attended so you could say I'm getting to be a bit of a fan.

For me, I've come into the music of Sinatra, Martin and Davis a bit late. I probably spent many years considering them a bit old hat, but having heard several modern takes on their music I actually realised how great the originals really were.

My Rat Pack Reviews

Anyway, here's my review of one of the latest shows touring the UK, it went down a storm in Newport on Saturday evening!
You can find out more information about The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Tour at

Also, you can check out a review from another Rat Pack Show I attended at Christmas:
If you've attended Rat Pack shows send me your links!

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