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Those Radio Times! (BBC Radio For 14 February 1974)

Here's a look at the BBC Radio schedules from Valentines Day, 1974, information courtesy of that week's Radio Times!

BBC Radio 1 and 2 Programming For February 14, 1974

Radio's 1 and 2 on February 14 1974 started broadcasting at 5.0am with the news. At 5.2am, Barry Alldis presented the early show for all the early risers!

Actress Beryl Reid guested on
Sounds Familiar
Radio 1 on 247m and Radio 2 at 1500m went their separate ways at 7.0am when Noel Edmonds presented the breakfast show on Radio 1 and Terry Wogan entertained listeners over on Radio 2.

Radio 1 featured Tony Blackburn at 9.0am, Johnnie Walker at mid-day then David Hamilton at 2.0pm with  Dave Lee Travis at 5.0pm

Radio 2’s daytime schedules included Pete Murray’s Open House at 9.2am (featuring Waggoner’s Walk NW at 10.30), Jimmy Young at 11.30 and Joe Henderson providing happy music in a sing-along style at 1.30pm. John Dunn livened up the afternoon further at 3.2pm including a new episode of Waggoner’s Walk NW at 4.15pm, then Tony Brandon filled what would later become known as the drive time slot at 5.2pm.

Evening Schedules For 14 February 1974

Peter Latham
Hosted Late Night Extra
Radio 1 and 2 joined schedules again at 7.0pm.

Barry Took presented the panel show Sounds Familiar at 7.2pm with guests Barry Cryer, Hubert Gregg, Jesse Lasky Jr and Beryl Reid.

At 7.30pm,  Simon Bates looked at the Folk 74 scene. featuring Scarlet and Lace, while Tony Capstick brought news from the Folk world in the aptly titled Folkweave at 8.2pm. Folk made way for dance music at 9.2pm from the Radio2 Ballroom with Sidney Davey and his Orchestra in Those Were The Days.

Peter Latham presented Late Night Extra at 10.2 with music from The Gordon Langford Sextet with Rosemary Squires neatly taking the listener up to Midnight Newsroom.

If you were still awake after that, Eugene Fraser and Julie Dawn read your letters in Night Ride until the News and Weather, then closedown at 2.2am

April Cantelo
presented a wedding
for Valentines Day
Highlights from Radio 3 on 14 February 1974

Radio 3 began at 7.0am on 464m with News and Weather followed by Overture at 7.5am which today featured Weber’s Ruler Of The spirits played by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. A New Series began at 9.45am of special interest to amateur choralists, The Part-Song Repertory.

Alceste an Opera in three acts with music by Gluck was featured at 2.45pm. While David Monrow on Pied Piper at 5.25pm featured reflections on St Valentines Day from Frank Sinatra, Samuel Pepys, Maurice Chevalier and John Donne.

Judi Dench and Michael Williams kept the love theme going in Tokens of Love at 8.45pm. Soprano April Cantelo presented an anthology of song on the subject of marriage in For Better or For Worse at 9.55pm – very romantic!

Highlights from Radio 4 on 14 February 1974

The Detectives began a
New series Radio 4 at 8pm
Radio 4 began the day at 6.20am with The News followed by Farming with David Addis at 6.22 and Prayer for the Day at 6.40 with Jean Richardson.

Robert Robinson and John Timpson presented the News programme Today at 6.45am

Irish actor JG Devlin read Morning Story at 10.45. Here Endeth The First Lesson was written by Frances McEnaney and on Medium Wave only. Later, Hugh Burden chose and told The Story of the Stalled Oz in Stories by Saki at 11.50am while Steve Race hosted a repeat of Tuesdays My Music at 12.27pm

Barbara Myers presented Woman’s Hour at 1.5pm which included a wry celebration of the St Valentines Day Massacre.

A new series entitled The Detectives looked at a classic case in the story of criminal investigation at 8.0pm, while Brian Matthew read part 4 of Harris in Wonderland in A Book at Bedtime at 10.45. 

Closedown occurred on Radio 4 at 11.54pm.


  1. You just wouldn't associate Simon Bates with folk music. I remember him first on Radio 1 from the Top 20 and The Golden Hour etc. but looking back he had a variety of shows on Radio 2-The Early Show, Night Ride, Late Night Extra and Saturday Night with the BBC Radio Orchestra.

  2. You're right - but then, seeing his radio roots, so to speak his eventual graduation to classical music radio seems less surprising.

    He always had quite a golden voice for me though and certainly always enjoyed his golden hours and top 40 shows!

    I wonder if any of these early radio 2 shows featuring him survive - would certainly love to hear some Night Ride's or even late night Brian Matthew shows again!

  3. There's a very small clip over on Radio Rewind.
    As for Brian Matthew I have some Round Midnight shows that I'll feature on my blog at some point.



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