Monday, 28 February 2011

Those Radio Times! (BBC TV and Radio Selections for 28 February 1975)

Friday, 28 February 1975 kicked off with Simon Bates on the Radio 2 early morning shift at 6.2am. 

As previously mentioned on this blog by fellow blogger Andy Walmsley, Simon Bates had quite a varied career on Radio 2 before reaching the dizzy heights of Radio 1 in the late 70s and 1980s: "... looking back he had a variety of shows on Radio 2 - The Early Show, Night Ride, Late Night Extra and Saturday Night with the BBC Radio Orchestra."

This great photograph from that days Radio Times listings shows Simon handing over to Terry Wogan (Radio 2, 7.2am). 

By 1975, Wogan was firmly in position as Radio 2's breakfast disc jockey. "Care-free Simon finds a cup of (sugar-free?) coffee for the (fairly?) flab-free Terry..." states the picture caption. 

References to Wogan's flab were running jokes on Radio 2 in the 1970s; as were his constant jibes about BBC Tea. 

I had to agree with Wogan myself when sampling some BBC Tea first hand from a BBC catering unit as an extra on All Creatures Great and Small when filming in West Witton, Yorkshire in 1978, it was like dish-water!

BBC Television Highlights for 28 February 1975

On BBC2 at 7.45pm; Hugh Scully presented the first of a new series of Collectors World, in which he looked at a scrapyard that was giving hope to locomotive preservationists by attempting to salvage steam trains. In The End Of The Line, Hugh was joined by antiques expert, Arthur Negus who answered viewers questions about antiques.

Arthur Negus appealed to many viewers, his gentle presentation on shows like Going For A Song displayed a love for the objects he was presenting rather than the bombastic "How Much Is It Worth? approach of antique and collectors shows of 2011. 

Negus was also playfully name checked by many comedy acts of the day when referring to old items in their acts including Morecambe and Wise.

There was comedy over on BBC1 at 8.30pm with Ronnie Barker in Porridge. This week's episode was entitled The Hustler and also featured Richard Beckinsale and Fulton MacKay.


  1. Simon Bates was also a newsreader & continuity announcer too. I'm still on the lookout for any audio of Simon during his Radio 2 days.

  2. Anyone reading this that may have any Radio 2 recordings from the 70s featuring Simon or otherwise please get in touch!



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