Monday, 21 February 2011

Those Radio Times! (BBC TV and Radio Selections for 21 February 1978)

Undoubtedly the TV landmark on Tuesday 21 February 1978 was the 200th Edition of The Good Old Days fronted by Leonard Sachs, which went out on BBC1 at 8.10pm.

The show had been recalling the days of variety and music hall since the 20th July 1953. It seems odd for a series that seemed to be so frequently on the box during the 1970s that it had only amassed 200 episodes by 1978, maybe they repeated a lot of them?

The guests on this particular edition featured Ron Moody, Hinge and Bracket, Duggie Brown, Alan Randall, Peter Gale and Rita Morris.

Alan Randall would frequently appear on television performing songs in the style of George Formby and later starred in a very good stage show entitled The George Formby Story.

A New Series of Just a Minute Began On Radio 4

If panel games were to your taste on this particular evening in 1978, you would no doubt be delighted that a New Series of Just a Minute was beginning on Radio 4. 

The show was fittingly described in Radio Times as "A panel game whose unruly members are occasionally kept in disorder by the chairman: Nicholas Parsons  and in which Kenneth Williams, Sheila Hancock and Derek Nimmo endeavour to prevent each other from talking for just a minute of this - or that!"

Some three decades later both Just a Minute and Nicholas Parson's have endured, another series recently airing on Radio 4, the panel may have changed but the concept of the show is still there, and so are the laughs!

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