Monday, 21 February 2011

Those Radio Times! (BBC TV and Radio Selections for 21 February 1971)

21 February 1971 was a Sunday and if you were tuning in to BBC1 at 5.20pm that afternoon you would have caught Part 6 of the Sunday afternoon serial, The Last of The Mohican's by J Fenimore Cooper and directed by David Maloney.

The Sunday afternoon serial's were a staple diet of TV viewing on BBC1 during the early 1970s and a great way of introducing younger viewers to stories they may not otherwise of thought twice about reading in a colour TV age.

Amongst the cast of this great series was Patricia Maynard, Joanna David, John Abineri, Richard Warwick and Philip Madoc. 

Philip Madoc revealed in his one man monologue stage show, Dylan Thomas and Friends in 2009; that it was his portrayal of Indian Chief Magua that gained him a following with a real Indian tribe that subsequently formed a fan club in his honour.

Radio Comedy For February 21 1971

Back on Radio 2, at 2.1pm (1500m and VHF) there was an hour of comedy with Ken Dodd in The Ken Dodd Show featuring Peter Goodwright, Pat Coombs and Talfryn Thomas. 

Talfryn Thomas was that famous Welsh actor who turned up in many radio and TV shows during this time and would find great acclaim as newspaper reporter Mr Cheeseman a few years later in Dad's Army.

Comedy Parade followed at 2.30pm with Les Dawson in a comedy vehicle entitled Our Les featuring Colin Edwynn and Joe Gladwin. 

Comedy Parade featured many pilots for new comedy show ideas of the day, and if anyone has a recording of this show, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Don't have any of the Comedy Parade shows but I'd be interested to know what else was in that series. I do have some Listen to Les shows however from 1979 and 1982.
    Peter Goodwright was on the radio for many years and had his own show at one point I think. I remember him as a regular on The Impressionists.

  2. Comedy Parade featured pilots for Parsley Sidings and The Motorway Men - both of which were picked up as series on Radio 2 in 1972. Both these shows featured actors from Dad's Army in other roles. There was also another pilot featuring James Beck and Roy Kinnear called Hush Hush Here Comes the Bolshoi Man. This hasd been featured on BBC7 in recent years.



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