Saturday, 12 February 2011

Visit The Saturday Superstore!

I love looking back over old newspapers and magazines and one thing I often find interesting is old adverts and the memories of products they evoke!

That's why, a few weeks back I opened up the Saturday Superstore on my Retrospace Blog, to once again give these old ads another outing.

Some are just hilarious, Rolf Harris promoting a stringless apron, Radio Rentals pushing Black and White TV's, but all representative of the respective era's they were created for!

Having designed adverts a few years back I appreciate how hard it must have been for some of these designers to put the adverts together without computers - and they still look a lot better than much of the rubbish produced today, and the same can probably be said for many of the products.

Check out my Retrospace Blog for all the Saturday Superstore posts. These are generally adverts from over the years with my general comments on the products and my recollections of the products!

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