Monday, 7 March 2011

Art Attack: How To Make A Worm Calendar

Tom looks on as Dadi paints the details in
When I was a kid I used to frequently get my knuckles rapped from my parents for drawing on the wall - mainly because I'd seen Rolf Harris doing a similar thing on television the day before.

Tom, Seren and Jon All Have a Part To Play
Neil Buchanan is an inspiaration to todays kids, although he seems to lean more towards the wonderful Tony Hart than Rolf - but undoubtedly has inspired my children to use a shed load of Sellotape in their art projects.

The Finished Components Of The Calendar
Here we all are having a crack at a worm calendar that Neil featured in an edition of Art Attack last weekend - and yes their was some sellotape, a split pin and cardboard and paint involved - all great fun.
Tom and Jon Happy with the Finished
Product before 7am on Monday Morning
The boys were very happy when they found their calendar was ready to put together after drying overnight on Monday morning.

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