Friday, 25 March 2011

Badge Friday: Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon Badge - 1985
Here's another 80s pop star for this weeks Badge Friday.

This time it's Beatle John's son Julian, who was a pretty big deal when he released his debut album Valotte in 1985.

Featuring the single Too Late For Goodbyes it really seemed at the time that Jules might take the same path of pop stardom as his father, he certainly made great singles including Say You're Wrong and a cover of the Dave Clark Five's Because which featured in the musical Time.

Alas, hits became sporadic, his follow up album The Secret Value Of Daydreaming featured some great tracks but Joe Public didnt seem to be listening.  Julian has continued to release new material over the years, keen to focus on quality rather than quantity.

I have to admit to been out of touch with Julian's output, though strangely enough, a new album Everything Changes is set for release in 2011.

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