Sunday, 6 March 2011

Review: Gerry and The Pacemakers, Newport Riverfront

Gerry Cross The Mersey
Last night I spent a pleasant few hours watching sixties legends Gerry and The Pacemakers live in concert at Newport Riverfront.

Ever the consummate showman, Gerry regaled many anecdotes and jokes between hits including It's Gonna Be Alright, How Do You Do It, I'll Be There, Ferry Cross The Mersey  and You'll Never Walk Alone.

A Proud Moment With Gerry Marsden!

My favourite moment had to be when Gerry tried to get the audience to guess who had originally performed the next song since many of the previous performers including Elvis and Roy Orbison had already moved onto the great beyond.

He described the singer as still alive, short and played the piano. After several answers from the audience including Stevie Wonder, Little Richard and Leo Sayer (!), I shouted out "Fats Domino!".

"Who Said that?" shouted back Gerry, "Stand Up!".

I dutifully stood up, "Well Done Son!" he replied before launching into an excellent version of Blueberry Hill. A proud moment indeed!

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  • Check out news and tour dates on Gerry and the Pacemakers at their official web site.

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