Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday Superstore: Players Whiskey Flake

Players Whiskey flake - Radio Times 1968

While pop stars and all the young dudes were experimenting with LSD and other mind altering substances back in the late 1960s isn't it reassuring to know that Dad or Grandad were content and happy to puff away on the likes of Players Whiskey Flake?

As this Radio Times advert from 1968 displays, Whiskey Flake apparently gave off the aroma that gave smokers satisfied grins. It probably did, as a small boy I remember the delightful aroma of pipe tobacco from another room or alternately a passer by in the high street.

Alas times have changed, people now preferto smoke stuff that smells like horse manure in varying forms. The Government Health warning has never been more applicable.

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